Im Konzert: TremoResistance

TremoResistance sind wieder in der Stadt und zeigen wie gewohnt Attitude:
"The brittle structure of the systems that surround us proved once again vulnerable - and the common sectors of society once again paid the highest price. But from the rubble TremoResistance rises louder than ever echoing sounds of collective consciousness. We are happy to make our return to the stage in a venue and a city that embraced us in the very beginning of our journey; the Veraenderbar in Dresden. This collaboration is a testament that the arts and the desire to organise will prevail. Join us on November 6th at 20:00h to exchange ideas, share our passions and free ourselves for an evening of protest and loud Hard Rock/Hip Hop. We are bringing new material and a re-vamped cathartic musical experience that is sure to re-ignite our connection with you, our Dresden comrades."
Klingt nach einer schlüssigen Agenda. Wir werden da sein!
Gates: 20:00

Sounds of Resistance: 21:00
Achtung: Aktuell gilt bei unseren Konzerten 2G!