Science (Fiction) Slam Dresden is here!

Science Fiction Slam

Be part of the scientific science fiction group!

  1. Pick a scientific movie or TV show

  2. Explain the science behind it in a stand-up comedy style, in less than 5 min and without PowerPoints!

  3. Use your imagination! Make people LOL


Do you accept the challenge?

The audience will pay 1 Euro extra for the first drink and if our jury of specialists chooses you as the winner... you will get all of the takings!
So bring all of your friends with you!
Send us a short description of your staging (200 words max.) by the 25thof May to

Organized by: Sara Bragado // Santiago Costas // Sílvia Llonch // Teresa Rojo
In cooperation with artderkultur e.V. and CERFA SWBRD

May the Force (and inspiration) be with you!

Science Fiction Slam

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